Eco-friendly residential cleaning service in Ft Myers Florida

Your time and energy are too valuable to be spent cleaning. Let the professional, trained, insured and bonded GreenMaids Team take care of you and your home.  Spend your time on the important things in life and leave the cleaning to the best maid service in Ft Myers .

There are many factors to consider when choosing your Ft Myers House cleaning service. Call our office /email us or complete the form the right  to get your free guide “7 Questions you MUST ask before Choosing your Maid Service”

Not asking the right questions may end costing you thousands of dollars and potential legal actions.

Why Hire our Home Cleaning Services in Naples and Fort Myers Florida?

For one we adhere to state regulations regarding using employees versus independent contractors as well as fully protecting you and your home via bonding, insurance and workman’s compensations.  Ft Myers Cleaning Services and Naples Maid Service companies that do NOT insure your protection are exposing you to financial and legal risk. It is simply in your best interest to work with responsible home cleaning agencies that serve Ft Myers and Naples.

So CONTACT us today and find out how we can make your life better!


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  • - Sharyn
    Dear GreenMaids and staff,
    Hello !!! We didn’t get in until 8p last night- and bringing the beginnings of a bad cold with me.:(. But when we walked in the door and saw our renovations AND a beautifully cleaned house- man,what a WELCOME! We’ve been with YOU for 12 years now and my GRATITUDE for your services just increases.
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